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April 2, 2015 Linux No Comments

Playing around with Tutum which is a web gui frontend to Docker. Right now they only support Ubuntu as a Bring Your Own server.


Goto Tutum and setup a free account. There will be a free account that you can use even when the company is out of beta.



Deployed a Ubuntu 14.04 VPS server. If you are with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure and/or Softlayer you can deploy directly to these service from Tutum.



Setup firewall to allow some ports that Tutum needs to talk to your server.

# iptables -A INPUT  -p tcp -m tcp --dport 2375 -j ACCEPT

# iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 48001 -j ACCEPT


Login to Tutum and go to Nodes and click on Bring your own node, copy and paste the command you need to run on your server. Should be like you see below.

# curl -Ls https://get.tutum.co/ | sudo -H sh -s 63ad1c63ec5d431a9b31133e37e8a614

What for the installation to finish and you should have a Tutum docker host to play around with.



You can also use docker from your hosts command line if that is what you would like to do.

# docker (Hit enter key)



Will add more information as I play around with this service.







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