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April 7, 2009 Linux No Comments

Performance Adjustments for Virtuals

Edit the virtual's vmx file and add below:
MemTrimRate = “0″
sched.mem.pshare.enable = “FALSE”
MemAllowAutoScaleDown = “FALSE”

For more info go to this website: Ubunbtuforums


Time Syncing Problems

To find CPU speed go to a linux prompt and type in cat /proc/cpuinfo
Look for cpu MHz and put for host.cpukHz

Edit /etc/vmware/config and put the three entries below:
host.cpukHz = 1830000
host.noTSC = TRUE
ptsc.noTSC = TRUE


USB not working in Vmware on ubuntu

gksudo gedit /etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh

Uncomment lines 42-45 starting with #mkdir /dev/bus/usb/.usbfs

/etc/init.d/vmware restart

For more info go to this website: USB

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