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So you have an unmanaged VPS Server, so why not install ZPanel to manage the server. So these are the steps I took to install ZPanel.


Did a mininal Centos 6.5 installation. After the installation I make sure I have certain basic software installed and that the server is up to date.

# yum update


Install Openssh-client tools.

# yum install openssh-clients


Install wget to help with downloading files directory from the internet.

# yum install wget


Download and install ZPanel. Click on link below.



Copy the file over to your server with an SSH client.

scp installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x user@ip-address:

Login to server

ssh user@ip-address


Make the installer executable.

# chmod +x installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x


Let start the installation.

# ./installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x

Type y to agree to license

Enter Your Time Zone: America/Toronto or whatever your time zone is.

Enter the FQDN of your server.

Enter the Public IP address of the server.

Zpanel will now install, Type and hit enter.


A bunch of application should be installing. Wait until it finishes.


Now lets configure the server with ZPanel. Connect to your new server with a web browser.


OK login with the information that was giving at the end of the installation.

Default username is zadmin and password.


Let's start to configure some stuff.

Setup your own password. Go to Account > Change password.

Get ride of the Client notice message, Go to Reseller Client Notice Manager, remove the message and click on Save changes.

Ok,  I like to install Repository Browser to help with installing other modules.

# zppy repo add rustus.txt-clan.com

# zppy update

# zppy install repo_browser 

Go to Server Admin or Admin > Module Admin > put a check on Repo Browser.

Under Repositories enter in modules.zpanelcp.com/repo and click on Add.

Now lets add in Zantastico X to help with installing other software like WordPress, Joomla, Gallery and more. Click on Install beside zantastico and click Install again.

Setup your first domain. Go to Home > Domain Management > click on Domain and add your domain. I left it at Create a new home directory.

No lets go to DNS Manager, choose the domain we just created and click on Edit. Then click on Create Records. Now you can add another other entries you need or wanted. I will add a cname gallery for the Gallery I want to setup soon.

Click on CNAME > Add New Record > Host Name type in gallery and Target type in then click on Save.

Next I clicked on Sub Domains, typed in gallery in the empty box, left Create a new home directory and click on Create. Wait for this to say Live before installing Gallery.

New I should be ready to use Zantastico X to install Gallery.

Now if you want to install Gallery, go to Home > Advanced, click on Zantastico X and then click on Install across from Gallery. Should get a popup web browser windows. As you will a database is need. So click on YES for Create a database now?

Database name: gallery click on Create

Now we need to create a database user. Click on YES Create a database user now?

Username: type gallery and then select the database you created, click on Create, copy the password it created.

Now back at the browser window, select your subdomain name. Put a check mark in Install into the selected domain's root folder? and click on Start Install, when finished downloading click on Install, then enter the information for the installation, Database name, User and Password. Then click on Continue.

You should receive a message of Success. Now you can Start using Gallery. Make sure to change the default username and password.

That should be it for installing Gallery. Hopefully you can see how to install other applications.



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