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September 28, 2011 Linux No Comments

Tried another OS called Zorin OS 5, I am very surprised. I really like this Operating System, having tested a lot of operating systems and they never totally fill what I need. Now Zorin seems to fill most of my needs.

Normally I run in to issues with sound and/or flash issues. When testing Zorin my sound worked great and flash worked. I like to watch video's on youtube and Flash can be a problem. Issue's I have found with Flash are, performance, not been able to view properly and more. With Zorin OS 5 I was able to do the normal things we want to do, change the size of the video, go to higher resolution. I could do it all. What really made me happy is I did it all on a under powered laptop. Dell D610, 1.6Ghz processor, 120G hard drive and 1G of ram.

Tested version was Zorin OS 5 32bit.



Zorin OS 5 Installation:

1. Download and burn DVD, click here to download.

2. Boot Live System from DVD to Install.

3. Double click on Install Zorin OS on desktop.

4. Choose Language and click on Forward.

5. Make sure you are the basic's for this installation and click on Forward.

6. Allocate drive space, share with other operating system or all the drive, click on Forward.

7. Look at your choose and then click on Install Now if you are happy with your choose.

8. Where are you? It should be at your location, Click on Forward.

9. Keyboard layout, choose your logout and then click on Forward.

10. Who are you? Put your name and password and then click on Forward.

11. Then wait till it is finished installing.

12. Click on Restart Now, click on enter when asked to finish and boot into your new system.

As soon as I login to the new system I like to make sure that it is fully up to date.

Go to Z menu on the bar and then to Control Center, find and click on Update Manager, click on Check. Click on Install Updates, authenticate put password. Do all the updates and restart.



Extra for the Dell D610 with the Broadcom wireless adapter.

Go to Z menu on the bar, click on Control Center, look for and click on Synaptic Package Manager, enter your password, Type b43 in the Quick filter, click on box by firmware-b43-installer, click on Mark for installation, click on Mark, then click on Apply, click on Apply again, click Close, exit application. You should now be able to use your wireless adapter.







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