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April 16, 2011 Linux No Comments

Joli OS works with Jolicloud, Your personal desktop for the cloud. You have heard of cloud computering. Go to for more information. I like to think of it as a way for users to always get to their data, any where in the world. Jolicloud is interesting because now your app's background image and more are in the cloud..

I tested this on a Dell Latitude D610 and it seemed to run very well. On the Dell Latitude 100L couldn't even boot on the cd. Also tested on Acer Aspire Revo mini computer and it seemed to work fine. I did notice there that the message log file was growing very fast because of a problem. I search for a answer and the only fix was to disable the logging of the error.

Go here to download: click on the Joli OS and download the Joli OS 1.2 iso, but you could download the windows installer instead.


Boot from the cd and choose Live or Install, I choose to install.

Choose Language or use default, Click on Forward.

Choose keyboard or use default, Click on Forward.

Prepare Disk, I used the default configuration, Click on Forward.

Enter Your Name, Username, Password, Computer Name, Click on Forward.

Click on Install.

Reboot when finished and now you have a cloud based OS. Have fun and play with this new setup.

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