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April 16, 2011 Linux No Comments

So I am trying another Linux Distro, I heard from a friend that this OS seems to install on any hardware and it is very small and fast. 30 mb installation is very small.

I had a chance to install the OS on a Dell Latitude 100L and on a Dell Latitude D610. What is interesting is the fact that I couldn't install the OS on the Dell Latitude 100L because it would of taken a lot more work to get it working, example: when booting on the cd there was no gui, video detection problems.

On the Dell Latitude D610 wireless wasn't working but since I also had a wired connection I could do everything I wanted and I also found how to fix the wireless problem, which you will see below.

So far on the Dell laptop it is really fast, of course you may install other software, which I did. Boots up in around 10 seconds.

Go here to download: I choose the SliTaz Cooking version.


1. Boot from cd, you should get to live running OS.

2. Go to Menu > Applications > System Tools > click on the GParted Partition Editor > Device > Create Partition Table (If it is a new blank hard drive). Next go to Partition > Create a / (Root) partition, I created a 8G partition, twice a size of memory for the swap partition and the rest for the home partition. Save and exit.

3. Go to Applications > System Tools > and click on the SliTaz Installer.

Install, follow the install routine > Choose your partition for / root, mine was /dev/sda1, Click OK.

Click Yes on formatting

Choose your partition  for /home, mine was /dev/sda3, Click OK.

Choose Hostname, Click OK.

Create root password, Click OK.

Create a user, Click OK.

Set password for new user, Click OK.

Install SliTaz, Select Yes.

Grub Install, Used default, Click Yes

Installation complete, Click Reboot. Enjoy your new super light weight Linux installation. Everything seems to be working except wireless which you can see the fix below.

Wireless Setup:

Go to Applications > System Tools > and click on Software Manager.

Search for b43-fwcutter and install.

At a Terminal window:

# export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR="/lib/firmware"
# wget
# tar xjf broadcom-wl-
# cd broadcom-wl-
# sudo b43-fwcutter -w "$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR" wl_apsta.o
# reboot


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